The end of the holidays tend to be a time of great sadness for the season of fellowship and gathering winds to a close. I’m rather on the fence though, for I’m not crazy about the work that comes with church performances during the festive season, nor the stress of hosting guests at the house. But of course I’m not THAT big of a sourpuss; I do enjoy fellowship. It warms my cold frigid heart, somewhat. XD

So… Was 2008 a good year? It feels pretty bleah to me: so many things happened that I barely can keep track of it. I constantly feel like a mess and I’m pretty sure I suffer from at least one mental disorder. AT LEAST.

2009 does seem to have potential though. For starters, the number 2009 already seems cool. Now if I don’t have any more sleep averaging 5 hours a day, that’d be the clincher for best year of my life EVER.


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  1. True. 2009 looks so peaceful. (:

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