10 weird things about I (misspelling intended)

  1. I occassionally point my hand and focus on an object, hoping that I mysteriously accquired telekinetic powers.
  2. I refuse to take soup with my spoon before making sure my spoon is clean.
  3. The hair I wake up with almost always look better then the one I sport most of the time.
  4. I get almost always get hiccups when I eat spicy cut chilli.
  5. I refuse to let my handphone lie on rough surfaces.
  6. I usually try not to consume food in the cinema because of my tendency to use the toilet then.
  7. I usually am so embarrassed with my written work that I try to avoid reading it after finishing if possible.
  8. I almost always don’t buy can drinks because I think they’re a waste of money (as compared to bottled drinks).
  9. I like to barge my way out of an MRT when people coming in don’t give way.
  10. I tend to eat the sauce of chilli crabs only because I don’t like to get my hands dirty with cracking open crabs.

Hm… Weird huh.


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