Cold hands and a firm grip.

And so on Friday my results for the latest semester will be released… Doom draws near…

Aheh, ever the dramatics.

I would like to pose a question; how can someone ever be certain of the decisions that he makes? When we set our minds dead set on a decision, refusing to let any circumstances alter it, all is needed is for time to erode its value and its integrity.

I ask this because I find myself to be going in circles; I keep on meeting a question face to face when I thought I already set my mind on a set decision. But I just seem to keep having to answer it. Again. Again. And again.

So what does this mean? Does it mean that I just really really really want to answer the question with the other answer? Or just because I have nothing better to do than to look for trouble?

Mmhm… In other news I’m having trouble finding out where to sign up for BTT. Aheh.


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