Half-baked, still tasty.

Well well, I guess today was rather productive.

Cleared out my email’s inbox; helluva messy after 2 months of leaving it be. Also had my passport photo take so I could renew the damn passport. Which in the process I had to cut my hair shorter. :(:(:(

I quite liked the messy vagabond look I had going there for a while…

Haha, debatable hairstyles aside, it felt good to clear some items off the to-do lists for my holidays. It makes me feel… somewhat productive. Just because I don’t have a job during the hols don’t mean I bum around, ya know? Doesn’t help that church activities require planning, which would clash with having a job now. Don’t know how adults juggle church commitments and work sometimes.

But meh, I guess not all do church work. Lazy bums.


2 thoughts on “Half-baked, still tasty.

  1. “I quite liked the messy vagabond look”

    what?!?!!?! LOL!

  2. What’s wrong with the messy look? Too short a hair makes me look nerdy:(

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