That thing about commitment.

So comes along again another flash of inspiration. I shall yet again… *drum roll* … attempt to configure a feasible enough routine to get myself in shape.

Such commitments from me come more frequently than the number of times the english language gets butchered when an ah beng attempts at atas (apparently malay for upstairs; thus high-class) language. Yes, it comes and goes. The going definitely more quickly than the coming.

And yes I know my tired and worn out excuse of being too busy to remember my exercise routine is somewhat inapplicable now since I’m on holidays. But busy being fun or busy with the on-goings of my active youth life is still busy; exercise doesn’t quite figure into my plans for having fun during the holidays.

But perhaps the arrival of the long term residence of my cousin at my house may spark a much needed nag for me. TOG sniggers when broaching on the topic of my stamina on the soccer field does bug me a bit; although I quite frankly think that I was rather fit at their age. Wait till they hit 18-19 and realise that what goes down your stomach finally adds weight to your body. I guess I wasn’t prepared to age 😦

Nonetheless I’m glad Jared’s bunking over at my place now. It’s a wee bit more lively with your cousin around, although the inconvenience of having to turn of my room’s light but leaving my desk light on to use the computer at night does pose a bit of an irritance. Damn secondary school hours.

Okay I think my medication is starting to kick in now. My eyelids actually feel heavy at 12am now. Something that usually only happens when I reach 3am. Huh. Don’t tell me aging means I can’t keep long hours anymore now?!



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