Just watch.

And thus ends another day.

BAOC and church combination again, today. Except that it was the final day of BAOC; which was fun and FUNNY with all the risque dares and pretty slick dance moves, and that it was performance day for The Fallen Ones.

About BAOC… It was fun. It’s always cool to see students coming together to put up a performance with people they barely know. Hell, it could form the basis of strong friendships for years to come (something I never got to experience, BOOHOOHOO). I think it’s a pretty good start to a polytechnic life, if ya ask me.

Not going into detail about the play because it’s long and kinda inappropriate to do a debrief on a blog, but let’s just say I’m glad it’s done. Moving on…

It’s been a rather long day, so I’d like to wrap up soon. Apologies to BAOC people for leaving early (doubt they knew I was gone though), but when church calls…

Here’s a video I PAINSTAKINGLY took out of the goodness of my heart as a form of gratitude for the fun I had!


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