Damn you LG, DAMN YOU.

Spent a good hour trying to fix the screw up that was my SIM card contacts. My old LG phone was so clingy that it refused to give me all the contacts that I had stored on the phone. I am now left with older contacts from like a year plus, so do pardon me if I ask who you are should you call/sms me.

Fantastic, got another busy weekend ahead of me. Church… Church… And I sure as hell hope I can clear my backlog of tutorial work. It’s kinda sad to see my once active participation in class now reduced to just answering questions I think I have an inkling of an idea on how to do. Aheh, one step at a time I guess. Solve my sleeping problems before working on doing consistent work.

At any rate, it’s getting late again, I’ve nothing pressing/depressing to say so goodnight folks. Sleep better at night knowing one less hobbling terrorist is out there in the world. XD


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