I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve never quite suffered from the Monday Blues before.

Though not defined on wikipedia, the Monday Blues; as according to me, is defined as an emotional dread accompanied with the onset of Monday. Not quite dictionary-worthy, but I’m sure you guys get the idea.

But anyway, call me a nerd but I’ve always liked school. It’s the whole ‘at least I got something to do and things to learn’ idea that doesn’t make me dread to go to school. Whether I actually learn something, that’s a whole different matter of course.

So it comes as quite a surprise I feel a tinge of ‘ugh-ness’ this fine Sunday today. I mean it’s a whole new week to look forward to, things to do and I do feel accomplished after helping to run canteen today in church. So yea, what’s bugging me?

Tutorials. I’ve sworn to myself I’ve gotta stop putting off doing my tutorials. I know I’m busy during the week, weekends too and that I would never ever do tutorials in the morning again (screws up my sleeping habits), so whatever time I have to do work, I take it quite preciously.

But you know, you never make time if you put things off. I want to do tutorial in school? Nah, lemme nap first. At home? Uh gotta use facebook. At night? CHURCH. In the morning? Oh whaddya know, it’s 3 AM in the morning SO NO.

So yes. I spent a coupla minutes writing this update rather than doing my tutorials. Ah don’t worry. I’ll go about doing it soon. I think.


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