hooo arrr uuuu

I must have been some kinda nerd in year 1/2 if I could have done most of my tutorials. Or most probably, I’m more swamped now.

I look forward to weekends to do my tutorials; not really one to skip homework. Then fun and church comes into the picture then I realise, ‘Do homework AFTER lectures!’

And to which I realise AFTER lectures, I have meetings on weekday nights.

It really isn’t that bad luh. It’s just this period of youtg activities going on and we need to ensure things don’t screw up, cause we’re talking about saving lives here. Not physically saving lives mind you, but reaching out to young hearts and minds. Sometimes we can lose sight of doing youth activities for Christ, but ultimately it’s good to remember that all social activities and fellowship is to bring all hearts to him. Meh, a break away from my usual secularity…

But whatever. It’s getting harder and harder these days to co-exist on both ideologies. The concept of ‘When in Rome…’ is dandy and all, but when you only stand up for you beliefs when it’s convenient… It’s a cop out for what you believe in. Don’t let the world screw you over.

Okay, Sunday over. Monday and the rest of the looong week, here I come.


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