Listening to Snow Patrol. Giving the speakers a chance to make sure they aren’t just something to fill my table space.

So as you may know, I’m all into the productive thing these days. Why sleep on the bus when you can plan for the next big online hit???

Oh yes, I already got my (free) video camera. Something about 5 megapixel HD recordable thingy.

Now, I’m well educated enough about the grandeur of things not to expect to come up with a masterpiece video on the first try. Rather, I’m trying to come up with the story first. It’s not easy to do that when half the time you gotta backtrack on your plot because you can’t stand the (self-percieved) corniness of the lines you just came up with. Ah, the life of being your own worst critic.

Yea, so anyway it’s kinda funky feeling trying to get back into the groove of school. Waking up early… Paying attention in class, I didn’t realise 2 weeks can make such a big difference. Eugh, 28th August cannot come any sooner…


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