Technology is teh suXXz0r

Last Sunday evening/night, I spent a good 2 hours pouring over the Internet. No, not studiously researching for my project. No, not doing something naughty. I was surfing the net looking for good iPod touch apps that would help me increase my productivity.

Yes, the irony. 2 hours looking for something that would increase my productivity. Increased productivity defined as lesser time spent on the computer/work, and more time to sleep.

Well a full 2 days later and the results still remain pretty much inconclusive. Granted, it’s pretty cool to have an application that can synchronise stuff between the Internet and my ipod, but all the countless moments pondering anxiously whether there was something I missed out on that should be done… it’s very counter-productive really.

It seems like the more I try to digitalise everything, to take things in control, the more helpless I feel? It’s rather paradoxial mind you, but I would think that nobody (me included) can ever feel at peace when trying to seize control of life and plan it out. You just start to fear that you forget something, that once you forget it you’re screwed… Very bad for the body and soul.

So yea, if it’s really THAT productive then I’d have been asleep an hour ago. But right now I’m looking at 6 hours of sleep and a list of work to do for the coming day, so for now- damn you technology, damn you.


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