*Grooving to smooth criminal*

Just watched the dark knight, or at least highlights of it.

Mm, maybe I didn’t stress enough but I thoroughly enjoyed that show. Days, weeks leading up to the movie I was totally pumping myself up for it. I was trawling through the net for all information about the show, interviews, sneak peeks, reviews. Even interviews where Heath Ledger talked about his role.

What I initially liked about this show was its whole vibe- the dark super anti-hero kinda thing. And of course, who doesn’t like the Joker. Awesome acting and all.

But having just watched it again, the script and underlying themes of the movie stood out more. Dialogue is gritty and believable and the thematic experience it provided really struck me.

So yes, I am a sucker for good dark action shows. I watched Transformers 2 last week, and it was okay. Nice fight scenes (forest fight is win) and impressive CGI, but overall plot is fail. Dark Knight for a true blockbuster man. $1 billion worldwide ain’t a joke.

Yea, other than that, I’m gonna adopt another pet project soon. Let’s see if I can actually commit to it and make something productive out of it. Mm.