Not that anyone else knows better

As I always say, Sunday evening/nights are oddly peaceful. I’d say it’s like peering into the abyss, appreciating the drop for its spine-tingling depth, knowing it’s beauty and acknowledging it’s deadliness.

Yea, that’s my week ahead for you. Deadly.

So like I’m having 3-4 projects converging this few weeks, so it’s either I’m gonna be in the middle of them all or I’ll dance my way past all the nonsense projects usually give me. Lack of blog posting included.

Erm other than having a rather… rough saturday night, I thought this weekend wasn’t too shabby. Some like weekends, some don’t like ’em (erm I’m sure there are a few) but whatever it is, it’s still time that we’re still breathing, living. I’m grateful for that much at least.

Now if I only knew what to do with it…


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