dead to the world

I think my body parts are starting to hate me.

Firstly, my hand (specifically my right) is getting very ‘creaky’. It hurts every now and then, and I’ve found a new way to ‘crack’ my hand; by pulling my right hand until I can hear a ‘pop’ sound. I know it don’t sound too good, but damn does it feel good šŸ˜€

My knee occasionally has this locking thing to it, where like s small part of my knee ‘clicks’ when I walk. Feels kinda weird. I know I know, it sounds like a whole orchestra when my body starts hating me.

Weird body functions aside, I’m starting what I assume is going to be the first of several late nights dedicated to work. I’m seriously considering bringing up coffee to my room, but the idea doesn’t really seem feasible when no sugar and caffeine does me good at all. I’m like immune to sugar rushes man.

So okay, maybe a good ‘ole glass of water would do fine. And avoiding naps while doing midnight work does seem like a good tip too eh?


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