I think I use ‘addiction’ too liberally.

It’s with much sadness that I think I have to declare myself semi-addicted to the internet.

You see, I deprived myself of at least, at least 1 hour of sleep yesterday night.  I think I was pouring over articles in wikipedia over… oh gosh, over the timeline of events in the game Half Life 2. Yes, I’m usually a sucker for redundant but somewhat fascinating information but I think even that is too much at 2am in the morning.

Today, I was checking every hour or so on my ipod touch on news, by information provided by the dying fad (at least according to an intern at Morgan Stanley) among  students; twitter. You know, news and all through twitter.

Even so, I was furiously checking through every link provided via google on how to solve my apparent faster drain on my ipod touch battery. Maybe I’m just imagining it. Yes, I’m that obsessed.

So yea, I think a fair amount of unhealthy obsession is going on with the internet and me. I’ve had many brief swipes with internet fixation so far; and although this is not the closest to a bad case of addiction I’ve had before, it’s still unhealthy nonetheless. Draining productivity and all.

Mm, maybe I’m running away from something you know? They always say that addiction is turned to when you’re running away from something. Hurhurhur. Whatever could that be…


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