Sleep. Work. Sleep. SLEEP.

Exam season is procrastination season. As I am feeling the full blast now. EXTREMELY UNPRODUCTIVE DAY.

Yea, for someone who proclaims that time is the best gift a person can get, I sure as hell like to waste it away. URGH gotta stop slacking around! WORK. SLEEP. NOT SLACK. Blogging… that’s okay. 😀

Rather cold day today yea? Walked home in the rain because A) It was rather light rain and B) Taxi cabbing in is not worth it. Yes, let’s save money by spending it on ESSENTIAL items. Taxis do not count.

And I’m still suffering from lingering thigh pains from playing soccer on Saturday. It’s the only form of exercise I’d gladly do, unless I gotta wake up early for it. It seems that exercise and I are destined to be at odds at each other for a while 😦

Okay. Trying to keep to my self-imposed sleep curfew of 11.30. Nights ya’ll.