Curse/blessing? I’d go for late-night guarantee.

So like I was minding my own business, bumming about today. Like again, too hot to do anything. Didn’t go to school because 2 hours of travelling won’t do justice to a guest lecture. So yes, bumming.

I was lying on my bed, taking my ‘break’ from studying from the darned Marketing of Financial Services quiz. Playing this:

What I do when Im bored from studying.

What I do when I'm bored from studying.

iPod Touch/iPhone game. Awesomeness Squared.

Anywho, I get a call. And mind you, I don’t like to get disturbed when I’m saving the world from furry monster madness. But I answer nonetheless.

4 minutes and one email later, I’ve been told I’ve been awarded the Associate Wealth Planner (AWPcm) Certification Scholarship (2009). Which basically saves me like $500+ worth of studying fees should I decide to take up the self-study offer.

Remember the Associate Financial Planner thing I was talking about? The exam which I was urm… ‘well-prepared’ to take for? I guess I did well enough to get the scholarship. :S Thank you God? Yes, thank you.

Okay, at least I’m somewhat more motivated to study now. But thinking about how my holidays will be wilted away to take up these two modules… 😦