And that is that.

Today’s quiz was a real let down- for a person who regularly wakes up in the morning before major tests to study for it, this does not count as one of the more deserving ones. Mm, I really need to pick my battles better.

I’m not feeling all too funky today too; it’s probably got to do with this niggling headache I’ve had since Saturday. When I look up with my eyes to the top left of my eyes, I get this minor irritation, sort of like a headache. Urgh.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day anywho, revision lecture, running errands and going back to school to attend some talk. I’m glad I’ve got a few days to blow off steam, do some stuff I wanna do. Although I really should keep exams in mind, not too far off you know?

Much has happened today, much to happen in the next few days. For now, I think I shall go have a good nap before my brain reminds me that it is running on fragmented sleep.


2 thoughts on “And that is that.

  1. rest well yeah! 😀
    hope the headache has gone away..

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