Was thinking of a haiku actually.

I had a sugar rush today. I don’t get sugar rushes often, so it’s kinda significant.

I feel very… chatty when I do get one. It’s like I want to talk about everything and anything in the world. And I stutter more? I guess pretty much how cartoons/tv depicts it. Yea.

But it has kinda run out now, very much due to me doing my revision work at night. A lot of thinking and staring involved with my work. A lot of major concentration, major headaches and I think I’m getting double vision now. But whatever, exams are breathing down my neck and I’m waiting to get at it. GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH. WITH GOOD RESULTS. AT LEAST TO GO SMU. WOO.

Uhhuh. I guess the coffee hasn’t run out yet.

I see forth many dark nights.

But many are the work of necessities.

So in preparation I chill,

And try not to thaw out thoughts of you.


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