Pardon me, I’m in a rush.

I’m typing this in the corner of my (3-star) hotel room, with my only connection to the Internet being the measly LAN cable found under the writing desk.

Sure I am risking my sleep time by writing out on this blog. Shouldn’t I be writing out my journal instead of blogging?

I just feel stressed now. It’s times like this I just want to write out the nonsense that is clouding out my brain and giving me a minor migrane.

So yea, I’m in Vietnam now. To be more accurate, in the Indochina hotel in some part of Hanoi.

And what’s pissing me off is that I got too many things to worry about. I got to worry about my valuables… my project work that I’ve got to do in Vietnam… the company visits… the mess my luggage is in…

I’ve gotta take one thing at a time then. Oh dearie me. 😦


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