Last year as a teen!

I’m 19 as of 9.44am today, a few hours from now.

Nono, nothing about how insignificant birthdays are.

It’s the one time a year you feel good when people remember you… or at least see your name appear on Facebook’s alert screen. Still, the thought counts…

It’s just how… I don’t feel 19. I never felt I was 18, I sure as hell don’t feel 19.

I feel as whiny and childish as 16. Certainly not a lot more taller than when I was 16, but being 18/19 doesn’t really come as anything big to me. I still look awkward in office wear and people still think I’m 16…

Inside I feel old though. Sometimes (now actually), it’s getting a bit hard to motivate myself to do things. Maybe I don’t have school now so the free time just beckons my procrastination, but I just feel old. The whole life has no purpose blah blah blah doesn’t show relevance here… I’m just a bit lost in life, not suicidal mind you.

Ehhh, for now 19 is all what matters. Thanks for the birthday wishers, all who wish. I’ll remember to try to act 19 😀


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