School… again.

“Hi, my name is Brian and I have a problem with technology.”

That, I do.

After finding out about the deliciously interesting fact that I could get Windows 7 free and legally, I spend the better part of my day drooling and scheming. Mostly drooling.

That was on Monday night. Fast forward to today and look past my sleep deprived nights, tinkering with my computer’s soft innards, spreading the good word about free-ness (staying true to my Singaporean self yo!) and the ultimate realisation that Windows 7 on the surface is a graphical update from vista… and you’ll get a very very very tired me.

So yea, it hasn’t really sunk in that school has started if I got time to burn with IT. As per customary poly rules, first week are free of tutorials, so school seems more lax than it really is. And I just haven’t shaken off this holiday mood yet… I intend to tomorrow morning though, before another backlog of work kills me off.

Did I mention that I have to go through NAPFA? Yes, that thing which was done previously in secondary school? Which I had no problem doing then because I was younger and somehow more fit? That I’m probably going to die trying to prepare for it, let alone DOING it? Yes, that thing.

Life’s pretty much bombarding me with sneaky little distractions now. Gaming as a distraction is pretty much a given, so as new software. But darn it when I have got to worry about my fitness, because that’s just really a game-breaker man. Just quoting another fellow friend of mine working in the same… ‘industry’, :” Where got time to exercise?”

Anyway I end off with what any self-respecting internet user should experience… LOLCATS



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