One thing I’ve managed to convince myself is that I like school… and I’m pretty sure I’m not being delusional here.

It does give me a shit load more of assignments and projects to worry about, but it sure does give me a lot of things to do. Too many poly students have the wrong idea that school should be a touch-and-go thing, save for meeting your friends there and going out after that. This coming from someone who goes to enough church meetings to rival school hours. Sort of.

Meh, I’m thinking about school because it’s my last semester here. I guess it’s not too often that you take a 2 year break from official studying, so when you do it’s best to be glad for the good times. Army is a whole new adventure, although I’m sure it’s one I really want to get over and done with.

Yes… slow updating period. Got lotsa work you know. Sigh.


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