zzz for the zzz

If there is the Monday Blues, then surely Lazy Sunday comes into effect.

Oh yes, I’ve been sorely lazy today. I really really really wanted to do work, but so far I’ve come up with my 1000th to-do list on my computer. Yes… it looks at me with such strictness. Damnit I really hate work.

Doesn’t help that I feel sleepy too. Had to be in church ridiculously early today at 7.30am for Youth Camp publicity, and that probably caused me to have 2 naps. 2 naps, sigh.

I guess I could go onto another rant about how routine life has become and how choice has been taken away from me blah blah blah… but choice and responsibility comes together, don’t they? I chose to be responsible for things, and even if those things swamp me with work, damned be me if I don’t do them.

Big words… Damn lazy sunday:(


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