I’ve found a chink of information about myself that I never new was true- I can do work while listening to music!

Yes, I’ve been trying to do work at night the last few days; at least until I feel tired. Listening to music today however has made me quite awake and rather… motivated to do work. Thanks Snow Patrol šŸ˜€

It’s been yet again, another tough few days. I don’t like to complain (whine maybe) but every waking hour is concerned with some form of work, for me. It’s a living nightmare sometimes! Like having to think… to scheme every single minute and waking moment. Tiring eh?

But hey, something to distract me for the moment is that Dad is thinking of getting a DSLR for the family. Maybe then I’ll finally find some me time and take a few nature walks to take pics. With a DSLR. WOO.


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