… someone who can help me.

Thank you for your care and concern and you’re right… the truth always hurts.

But you know, the truth has been staring at me for so long that it became part of the furniture a long time ago.

So no… I don’t really need the truth right now. Because it knows me and I know it.

Because deep down I don’t think the root cause for what’s making me, me has changed.

And I thank you once again for:

giving me something to chew on, to reflect, to know, to think about, to ponder about, to emo about, to worry about, to concern myself with, to cry myself to sleep with…

to do so many things with that niggling piece of information. But I know it.

And it’s not something that when I know… that will instantly transform me into a better person. Because I already know. Because I am trying. Because circumstances is forcing me.

But as the convention goes, man is above circumstances. At times, he/she has the power to rise above over-powering circumstances. But now is not the time for me, not when everything is bearing down on me.

So no… I don’t wish to be who I am, trust me. Good or bad… fate has forced my hand.

So if anyone’s interested… yes I need help to become a better person. I need people to give me assurance that life does not suck as much as it seems sometimes.

Because I am quite simply, a product of circumstances.

So I need more than people to give me the cold, hurtful, unadulterated truth right now. I need…


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