A little rant at projects.

The fundamental problem I have with school work is the dreariness of it all- I am essentially staring at a screen for hours sieving through information to dissect the information and reinterpret it according to my needs. Rinse and repeat for about 6 projects.

Naturally, this isn’t how projects are envisioned. Aren’t we students supposed to push the frontier for research and go out on the field to discover groundbreaking revelations?

Well we could pinpoint this problem to several factors:

Firstly, the attitude of Singaporeans towards studies. Like it or not, we have been brought up to worship the studying method known as rote learning, or essentially studying for the sake of studying. And so ingrained we are of this attitude, that even projects (which are supposed to be built with creativity in mind) are treated in the same fashion- give the answer that seems the most practical and used.

Secondly, practicality. Why groundbreak and source for difficult answers to your projects when a well-written probably paraphrased but masked well project can get an equally high score? The Singapore government is known for its realism and practicality, so I don’t see why the people would be any different. Faster time, same results? Duh.

All in all, this makes polytechnics really less project-based as it’s out to be portrayed sometimes. I am glad that the irrelevance of science to my future field of interest hasn’t held me back like it could have in JC, but when you get me bored in front of a laptop screen, something is obviously wrong there.

Very wrong. Heh.


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