There’s a solar eclipse happening today from around 3.10 to 5.30pm… depending on where you are in Singapore during that period. Gonna lug my DSLR out with me today, who knows what shot I may get?

I just did the last presentation in my poly life. Not the best of presentations and circumstances (read: lack of effort from a team mate) made it far from a presentation I am proud of, but on hindsight… what’s done is done. Leave the rest up to God.

Which is what many ‘O’ level applicants are doing right now, I’m sure! For those who may, may not get into the poly course of their choice. Quite a nerve-wracking affair. Who wants to spend three years of their life in dread?

And those three years comes with a load of baggage! Eye bags that is:D I’ve been cramming up late hours like nobody’s business the last few days. Not doing well for my sanity, complexion and stamina, but nothing beats a good last minute work-doing. Hopefully army can correct this bad habit of mine in time for uni:P

So wraps up another day. Time to hit the hay ya’ll!


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