That’s why I like spunky girls.

Ehhh… sometimes I really have nothing to say about my life at all.

I could say that I’m very blessed- I have tons of friends to love and care for.

I could say that I’m very lucky- There isn’t much in life that I’m not granted.

I could say that I’m an ass- I am insensitive and thoughtless… at times (at least more often then I think).

There is much to say… but strangely enough, I don’t see the need to. Right now I’m in a phase where I just want to get over with- I’m facing the prospect of 2 years of army and other than church, my life is pretty average. It’s kind of presumptuous but I have high hopes of university being interesting. That is if I myself am interesting… Hur.

Well as Jhansi said before- WTFMLIA. For the less in-the-know it stands for What The F***, My Life Is Average. It is. Save for church and my nice and fun to be with school friends, I’m dead bored. I’ve got no life goals to chase now, no girl to woo… Boring! Gosh darn boring.

And everybody knows, nothing is worse than being boring. True dat.


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