Yes it is.

Went to school for a revision lecture and I went town to shop with me cousin. Pretty much sums up my entire day. Oh and I slacked most of it away. And I got a couple of new barang barang.

MLIA- My life is average.

You know, life for me at times is already rather average. Sometimes meaningful, sometimes extraordinarily boring. Church is good and all, but that’s how the human soul works; we want tangible things to tell us that we have purpose.

So I wonder how bad mid-life crisis will be for me next time. Maybe half way into my financial career I decide to quit and become a professional photographer. Sounds about right! Quit the boring but financially-rewarding industry to join an exciting but financially-draining endeavor. Helluva way to kill mid-life crisis:P

Whatever lah. I’m going to squeeze all the fun I can get out of my next few non-working years. Then I can be boring until retirement so that I can be a stinking rich single multi-millionaire.

Because you know, happiness is over-rated :S


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