Been away from the computer, mostly playing CS at night. Thus the lack of posts:D

I think I’m suffering from a lack of festive cheer. Evident at Christmas last year (although the busy schedule then did make me somewhat grumpy), even CNY is starting to bore me. I mean look past the NEW clothes and NEW things that we need to do to usher in the NEW year, I dunno… seems boring. But that’s just me.

So I’m a boring fart these days. What have I got to offer? I’m just waiting for my exams to come, or at least close enough for me to start my SERIOUS mugging. Too many memory-intensive exams this semester, which I can only do like a few days before the actual exam? Something about not feeling the urgency for me. Mmhm.

Bleah, you guys see how boring I am. I have nothing new to post about me. Boring boring boring.


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