More troubled thinkings.

People wonder how much control they have over their lives when for a small but formative part of their lives, we simply have no control over it.

When we are born, we are given characteristics, code that dictates our basic responses and traits. Why I like soup, hate the taste of mint etc.

As we grow during our formative years, how the people around us behave shapes us to. Mum and dad smokes? Me too. Dad shouts at me frequently? I might hate authority figures. Etc.

So isn’t it a valid question then, that I question one’s effectiveness to change something about himself? I mean externally, plastic surgery can always change the way you look. Inside, personality traits, can you really change who you are?

I mean an epiphany can always change one’s perspective of life. But you’re talking about a life-changing event here, perhaps a death in the family or a life-threatening disease. How can one person change his personality through bits and pieces of effort and self-reflection? Isn’t he fighting nature?

I’m pondering about this because sometimes I wonder if I truly like the way I am. Without going into the self-pitiful details, academia… that’s not so bad. I can manage to do well to where I need to go. It’s the other areas in life that are… lacking sometimes.

But in all fairness to Life, being a changed person isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you need the passage of time to get you in the right spot at the right time.



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