Rinse & Repeat

Of late, I’ve been torturing myself with rather pointless thoughts:

‘When is SMU going to call me?”


But if you consider my outlook in life, that’s not to be unsurprising.

Academics hasn’t always been my strong point, failings in primary and secondary school remind me of that. Thankfully though, business is an area of interest that I’ve been able to do reasonably well in, well enough to get me acceptances. And I guess given the lack of positives in other parts of my life, it has given me an unhealthy obsession?

Nahhh. I have much to be grateful for. It’s just that when my role is repeated, and history takes a roll back in time with a different… supporting cast, you can’t help but wonder if history will repeat itself. Or wonder when history will repeat itself.

In that light, life does suck somewhat. Life seems to repeat before your eyes and you can only hope the outcome will be different.

Hope. Reality. Disappointment. Rinse & repeat.


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