Whatever that may be.

So they called. Saturday, 17th April 1.30pm. I’m going with a friend, and by golly are we both going to make it through to SMU.

So I’ve said that university has been a lifelong dream of mine- and it is. I once had a dream as a small boy, when I dreamt that I was walking in a big hall with many people around me. Suffice to say I interpreted this as a university and ever since I’ve just wanted to go to one.

3 short years ago, I set foot into polytechnic with the dream of learning banking and finance and knowing that that was not to be the final step in my education. Heck, I’ve never doubted that a local university was a reality to be achieved at the end of poly. Naive, arrogant, whatever, I just wanted that dream.

And Saturday I go a big way to fulfilling that. SMU may not be the most alluring university or the most accreditated one, but I’ve got a vibe. I’m pretty darn sure it’s somewhere where I’m going to be challenged, complain the shit out of, and hell maybe, find what I’m looking for there.

Whatever that may be…

I’m in for the journey, but I’m not so sure for the destination.


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