I want to know you.

I’m pretty sure in 3 hours time I’ll be cursing and swearing at the Brian of 3 hours ago. You know, the lack of sleep and all.

Buuuuuut I don’t know. It’s been a long day but I’ve had worse days before. Days where projects needed me to stay up for un-Godly amount of hours. Days where I just feel I want to pull out every follicle of hair. Or the day before.

So yea. Mel’s gone. The mel we let go because the other side of life pulled her that way. The mel where she was once the vibe and groove of the group.

It’s a strange time for me. I’m usually quite on the ball- you tell me something and I’m usually fast on the update and quick to work out something. But this whole ‘death’ business? Explain it to me again.

Explain it to me how someone can just tell me on the phone that a friend is gone and how it just doesn’t compute… explain it to me how going up to a veiled viewing of a friend can choke me and crack me… explain it to me why I just don’t seem to get it…

There are many things I don’t get, and things I do. You know though, I’m not going to wonder about things incessantly beyond its necessity. As it’s said, all in good time.

Besides I’m writing this at 4am and my train of thoughts don’t get any more in-depth than this -.-


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