Grab it while you can.

Do I really need friends?

If I need to make a checklist of necessity…

For the case of having friends:

  1. They give me a purpose to going out
  2. The people in my youth group are among the most friendly around
  3. They do give me great food for thought to chew on
  4. They give me great joy (at times)
  5. I can’t find a better way to spend my time

For the case of not having friends:

  1. They can give me a lot of grief (seriously)
  2. You don’t feel appreciated at times
  3. There’s always that depth that friends can’t fill
  4. You give so much but sometimes you get back so little
  5. Saturday nights are oh so godly lonely; where are my friends then…

So yea. If I’d had to choose between having or not having… that’s not even a question. Am probably a dumbass for even weighing my options.

But you know something, friends are painful to have sometimes. On good occasions they give you so much joy and happiness. On the flipside though, the unique position they hold in our hearts give them as much capacity to cause sadness and grief. It doesn’t help when you’re in a funk like I am in these days- pretty much anything people can do can piss me off.

But you know, in light of recent tragedies, it reminds me to always grasp the friends around me. I’ll admit, I’m not the easiest to be around at times, and I’m pretty sure some of my friends can be pretty darn irritating too, but I’ll be damned if I don’t take what life gives me and cherish it.

So you know, bear with me as I’ll bear with any of you. Because deep down, I really do care, whoever you are.


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