aaand life’s a bitch.

Is it more dangerous to over-expose yourself or to just not bother thinking at all?

If you are wondering about the relation between the two, it is just that I am getting lazier and lazier to write blog posts. I do tussle with the occasional need to censor myself, but it is no where near as bad as being too lazy to think.

Yea, too lazy to think.

I don’t quite know what to make of it. Am I just lazy because I have been doing nothing all these months?

Or maybe you know, I’m sick and tired of thinking. Thinking, thinking and thinking. Where has thinking gotten me? Aside from education, thinking has gotten me nowhere.

We have all these plans… and life just likes to throw spanners into its work. All that hope and expectation built into these plans, thrashed and left to die. Why do we even bother sometimes?

Sigh. I’m just ranting. Maybe I really have nothing better to do than to think, these days. The only problem is when I decide to plan it out.

Because you know, a lot of myself goes into my plans. Sucks when it don’t come true.


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