Take a seat, stop for a moment and ponder this:

“What do I want out of life?”

If I didn’t do step 1,2 and 3, I would say something like this,

“Well I would like to get a good job, get reasonably wealthy, married and settled down. Not within that order I want these things out of life.”

Entirely reasonable requests, and perhaps things others would like too. But I’ve been thinking…

It feels too far sometimes, these dreams of mine. Getting a job, rich, married… all these things are set so far in the future. Sure you can start saving money or start planning your investments, but the fruits of your labour are set so far into the future motivation to achieve them can be pretty damn tough sometimes. Who cares about the future when the present bothers the shit out of you. And don’t get me started on marriage-.-

My point (if there is ever one to my ramblings) is that like my academics, I’m just going along with life because I have to. I always wanted to go university, but in poly most of the time I studied because it was something I wanted to get done with. So much similar to life, is there really anything to look forward to?

Maybe I’m just being a downer. You know all the facebook photos of university camps and I’m only 2 years away from mine. Sucks real bad what can I do about it…


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