Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m contented enough with being a general bum…

Since Saturday, a timer is going off in my head. 1 month to army you know? If I could I would press a button to fast forward to 2 years from now, and in my mind those 2 years are going to take forever. The ‘promised land’ of 2012 I can only imagine will be so monumental and awesome to me. Yea, university means that much to me.

Not only that though, it’s how I’m going to pass the 2 years that’s going to bug me a bit from now until I enter army. Granted, I do have friends who would certainly still hang out for these 2 years, but I just can’t help thinking that I won’t end up too highly on someone’s priority list to hang out with on a weekend. I do remember that saturday nights were often the most boring of my entire week back when I was studying in NP.

And it’s sad, really, when I think of the relationships that I’ve started the holidays with but somehow deteriorated/imploded as time trekked on. Don’t worry, if you actually bother to read this blog then as a friend you should be pretty alright 🙂 The right people know who they are.

All in all the 2 years might not be so bad after all. Sure I’ll most likely pass my 21st birthday without a teenage romance (sigh), but that won’t kill me. Maybe I’ll meet a really awesome bro in army that will make the 2 years less bothersome. Maybe God willing, someone’s gonna find me worth their Saturday night, heh.

I am rather entertaining you know.


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