Now till 2012 doesn’t exist (army angst)

When I was 18, I felt 16. When I was 20, I felt 18. Now that I’m turning 21 this year?

Well feelings aside, I sure could pass off as 18. Minus my post-army tan and haircut, I really could! The downside to having a young face is people mistaking your age for a younger man, but that’s not really an issue there. Hell it means that when I’m older I’d be a pretty young looking chap. Thanks for the genes dad!

Looks aside, 21. Wow. It’s one of those milestones you just got to stop and look back at your life. What the hell have I done with those years? Spent well? Spent emoing? Spent wasting my life away?

So many things to reflect on and be thankful for, I guess. It’s said that in life you get what you need, not what you want, so either I really need a lot of things, or I need to thank the Big Guy up there a lot. Life’s been good to me, really.

Gah, sorry for the lack of quality posts. Army does a good number on your noggin and reflecting on your day doesn’t come up top priority when your day consists of following orders and standing in the sun. Hopefully my posting will allow me to use more of the brain.

Or at least buff up more. Man am I skinny now.

Oh sweet thing, if only you knew…


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